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Howard Fork Tailings


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Site Description 9/6/2019 01 Background
The Howard Fork Tailings Site is located on private property approximately 2 miles west of Ophir, Colorado.  The site is on the banks of the Howard Fork River and is just upstream of a decommissioned hydroelectric damn.  The county is currently discussing the future uses of the damn.  Erosion and runoff from the tailings pile are potentially contributing to the heavy metals impact of the Howard Fork River.

Response Operations 9/6/2019 02 Sept 4-6
During the week of 9/6/2019, EPA and START were onsite for a preliminary site assessment.  With the assistance of ERRS, START sampled the tailings pile for XRF analysis and RCRA analysis by an accredited laboratory.  START collected approximately 25 samples from 5 different soil types (top soil, Tailings, Grey Sludge, Black Sludge, and Black Sand).