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Fluvial San Miguel Tailings


All Documents [13]
File Name Description Category Uploaded Size Download 
Re_ Fluvial San Miguel Tailings Letter 2.pdf Idarado extension request Email 9/9/2022 258 KB Download
Re_ Fluvial San Miguel Tailings Letter.pdf CDPHE Response to EPA letter clarifying Request came from SMC BOCC to remediate Site Email 9/9/2022 139 KB Download
8.16.22 IdaradoResponse.pdf EPA Letter to Idarado August 2022 Memorandum 8/23/2022 250 KB Download
Re_ Idarado Fluvial Tailings - San Miguel River.pdf Email Discussion prior to sampling event with stakeholders Email 7/21/2022 16360 KB Download
CDPHE-EPA-Lawson Hill Written Explanation.pdf Email traffic w/Lawson, CDPHE, and EPA about path forward Email 7/21/2022 225 KB Download
SMAP_FSM_Revision0_20210909.pdf Sampling Plan Report 7/21/2022 6656 KB Download
Letter Report Fluvial San Miguel_12_17_2021.pdf START Trip Report- Sampling Event Report 7/21/2022 6271 KB Download
Fluvial Tailings- map.pdf SMC Parcel Ownership Map Map 7/21/2022 16035 KB Download
EPA Authorization 05-12-21.pdf Consent for Access to Lawson Hill Property Memorandum 7/21/2022 424 KB Download
12-11-20 TVF Removal Request.docx CDPHE Request for EPA Assistance Memorandum 7/21/2022 419 KB Download
SM Fluvial Tailings - General Notice Letter Idarado signed.pdf EPA general notice to Idarado Memorandum 7/21/2022 359 KB Download
Response to General Notice Letter.pdf Response from Idarado to EPA general notice Memorandum 7/21/2022 224 KB Download
Aliquot_Sampling Locations at Fluvial San Miguel.pdf Sample Location Map. Samples collected on 9/14/2021 and 9/15/2021. Map 9/23/2021 1103 KB Download