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Selfridge Abandoned Buildings Site


All Documents [8]
File Name Description Category Uploaded Size Download 
Lab results Project-2785834_Selfridge Abandoned Buildings.pdf START laboratory results 11-17-21 Admin Record 7/13/2022 66 KB Download
SIGNED Selfridge Abandoned Buildings TC AM.pdf Action Memo Admin Record 4/27/2022 3034 KB Download
old Bar analytical results Project-2835066_Selfridge Abandoned Buildings.pdf Analytical results for old Bar Admin Record 4/4/2022 58 KB Download
DTN 0572a - Selfridge Abandonded Buildings Site - Stage 2a DVR.pdf December 2021 START Data Validation Report Admin Record 4/1/2022 370 KB Download
DTN0572_Selfridge_Abandoned_Buildings_Sampling-Activities_Report.pdf December 2021 START Sampling Activities Report Admin Record 4/1/2022 11130 KB Download
EPA assistance request.pdf 12-8-2021 Request for EPA Assistance from Town of Selfridge Admin Record 4/1/2022 335 KB Download
2016 Asbestos Inspection of City Owned Building.pdf 2016 Asbestos Inspection of Town Auditorium Admin Record 4/1/2022 3648 KB Download
Asbestos Inspection of Main Street Buildings.pdf 2019 Asbestos Inspection of Motel and Implement Dealership Admin Record 4/1/2022 1962 KB Download