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Omo Manufacturing Site


All Documents [12]
File Name Description Category Uploaded Size Download 
Marino Property PASI Report_Final.pdf Removal Program Preliminary Assessment/Site Investigation Report dated January 2010 Report 4/14/2010 16874 KB Download
0512_Memo_Surface Soil_Final_Combined.pdf Surface Soil Sampling Activities Report dated 5 April 2010 Report 4/14/2010 21307 KB Download
0512_Memo_Sediment_Final_Rev2_Combined.pdf Sediment Sampling Activities dated 7 April 2010 Report 4/14/2010 6411 KB Download
Omo Action Memo final.pdf February 9, 2010 Action Memorandum Action Memo 3/1/2010 4327 KB Download
Site Trip Report REAC-ERT - 10 May 2000.pdf Background Info Report 10/21/2009 5589 KB Download
Site Assessment Trip Report - April 2007.pdf Background Info Report 10/21/2009 3243 KB Download
Marino Property PA-SI Report - December 1990.pdf Background Info Report 10/21/2009 10968 KB Download
Marino Property PA-SI Report - August 1999.pdf Background Info Report 10/21/2009 31155 KB Download
Marino Property Addendum to PA-SI Report - May 1991.pdf Background Info Report 10/21/2009 29729 KB Download
Inspection Regarding Complaint 303 - 16 September 1983.pdf Background Info Memo 10/21/2009 2213 KB Download
Final Site Inspection Report - 5 May 1995.pdf Background Info Report 10/21/2009 5017 KB Download
CT DEP Letter to Mayor of Middletown - 1 November 1983.pdf Background Info letter 10/21/2009 152 KB Download