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Fairmont Pond


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Image  Description Category Date Tags
Photos-20210911-153949.jpg<br />Date Taken: 9/11/2021<br />Category: Assessment<br />Latitude: <br />Longitude: <br />Tags: Sampling, FP07 Fairmont Pond where mercury contamination assessment is being conducted; facing East. Assessment 9/11/2021 Sampling, FP07
IMG_1552.JPG<br />Date Taken: 9/11/2021<br />Category: Assessment<br />Latitude: 40.7206135752376<br />Longitude: -111.859928369604<br />Tags: Sampling The new absorbent boom placed in the creek flowing into the southeast area of Fairmont Park pond near the burn structure. Assessment 9/11/2021 Sampling
IMG_1548.JPG<br />Date Taken: 9/11/2021<br />Category: Assessment<br />Latitude: 40.722207992969<br />Longitude: -111.863071382136<br />Tags: Sampling Water quality measurements were collected at sample locations in the park and are within the range of rivers and streams in the watershed. Assessment 9/11/2021 Sampling
IMG_1536.JPG<br />Date Taken: 9/10/2021<br />Category: Assessment<br />Latitude: <br />Longitude: <br />Tags: Sampling Sediment cores showed a darker top layer over a lighter gray layer. Assessment 9/10/2021 Sampling
IMG_1534.JPG<br />Date Taken: 9/10/2021<br />Category: Assessment<br />Latitude: 40.7215518031227<br />Longitude: -111.860410094237<br />Tags: Sampling Samples were collected from the top layer of sediment. Assessment 9/10/2021 Sampling