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Susie Adit

Description: 48 inches HDPE pipe transported to the portal for installation.
Date Taken: 7/25/2021
Category: Site Photo  
  • Collection pond lined with 30-mil liner
  • Final phase of the main reconfigured col...
  • Final phase of the adit portal
  • 48 inches HDPE pipe transported to the p...
  • 20,000-gallon frac tank brought to the s...
  • Susie Adit portal
  • Mine-impacted water (MIW) discharging fr...
  • Mine-impacted water (MIW) discharging fr...
  • Crews inserted a hose behind the blockag...
  • A collection pond for the Susie Adit nea...
  • The Susie Adit has partially collapsed l...