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Providence Barrel

All POLREP's for this site Providence Barrel
Smithfield, RI - EPA Region I
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On-Scene Coordinator - Ted Bazenas 7/1/2009
Time-Critical - Removal Action Pollution Report (POLREP) #7
Start Date: 4/21/2008 Completion Date: 6/19/2009
Site Description
See previous POLREP for site description information

Current Activities
On June 11, 2009 EPA contractors and landscape professionals remobilized to the site.  The EPA OSC and the lead contractor evaluated all the properties to identify the landscaping needs for each location.  Many lawns were reseeded and were fertilized. Perennials and shrubs were planted to replace those lost to the removal action.  Some re-grading was needed on the main excavation area, and after re-seeding, an erosion prevention mat was placed on the slopes. 

Planned Removal Actions
The OSC will distribute copies of the individual property reports to the property owners.

Next Steps
Control of the site will be remanded to the State of Rhode Island Department of Environmental Management.No further action.  Case closed

Disposition Of Wastes

Waste Stream Quantity Manifest # Disposal Facility
Non- hazardous soil for recycling

from 7/15/08 to 10/31/08
187 loads; total of 6,688 tons EMSI, 67  International Drive, Loudon, NH
Non- Hazardous, non-DOT regulated tree stumps

8/11/08 aand 10/14/08
2 loads; 122 cubic yards Minerva Enterprises, Inc.  8895 Minerva Rd.  Waynesburg, OH