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Deferiet Paper Mill RV2

Site Contact:
Joel Petty
On-Scene Coordinator


Site Location:
400 Anderson Avenue
Deferiet, NY 13628

EPA was conducting an assessment on asbestos throughout the Site buildings in June 2017 and discovered containers of unknown origin and content. From June 19 through 21, 2017, EPA conducted an assessment of the abandoned drums, totes, tanks, and other containers that were abandoned on the property. Approximately two tanks, 16 totes, 58 drums, as well as various containers 5-gallons or less in size, were found in various states of deterioration. None of the containers were in shippable condition and some were dented and/or bulging. Some of the containers were devoid of tops or were missing bungs leaving them exposed to the elements. One of the totes was on its side and its contents were leaking out onto the floor. Hazard categorization indicated that incompatibles are collocated, which could mix if the contents leaked. The roof throughout the building is damaged leaving the containers exposed to the weather elements. The nearest residential properties are located directly across the street to the north and west. The facility is not secure. Fencing around the facility has been damaged in certain areas allowing trespassers access to the property. The buildings that the containers are in are not closed off and are easily accessed. Graffiti on the walls throughout the buildings indicate that trespassing has occurred. Hazard categorization of all accessible containers was conducted and select containers were sampled based upon the results of the hazard categorization. Analytical results of the samples indicated the drums and other containers contain CERCLA designated hazardous substances. Based on these results, the Site was determined to be eligible for a Removal Action. All of the containers will be stabilized and stored on site until they are shipped off site for disposal.