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E17103 Sheffield Drive Oil Release

Site Contact:
Cathy Young


Site Location:
Sheffield Drive
Ashland, MA 00000
NRC#: 1184839

On July 21, 2017 the MASS DEP filed an NRC report of a release of oil to a waterway in a residential neighborhood . The Mass DEP reported that oil was discovered on pavement and in storm drains in a residential area of Ashland, MA. MASS DEP responded to the incident and secured the catch basins and outfall with sorbent boom. The EPA Phone Duty Officer contacted MASS DEP for additional information. A vacuum truck had recovered approximately 200 gallons of oil along with 4000+ gallons of an oil/water mixture. Contaminated soil was removed from an impacted yard. The release was stabilized and operations ceased for the overnight period. No responsible party was identified. No EPA assistance was requested at that time.
On July 22, 2017, MASS DEP revisited the incident and discovered that the release was ongoing. Again the incident was stabilized with sorbent boom, but the release did reach an unnamed brook, impacting a nearby wetland. After updating the EPA Phone Duty Officer, MASS DEP requested EPA assistance in locating the source and responsible party.

OSC Cathy Young met with MASS DEP at the incident location on the morning of July 25, 2017. It was determined that #2 home heating oil had been released from an unknown source into storm drains within a residential neighborhood, then impacting a nearby wetland, eventually leading to Beaverdam Brook, and that the release was ongoing. The OSC determined that a funding agreement with the MASS DEP (Pollution Removal Funding Authorization) was the appropriate means to continue the investigation and stabilization of the release. OSC Young is coordinating with the National Pollution Funds Center to requesting funds of up to $100,000 for the MASS DEP to continue their efforts.