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Site Contact:
David Rosoff


Site Location:
400 South Fifth Street
Harrison, NJ 07029

The Vo-Toys Site is a 2.6 acre former manufacturing facility located at 400 South Fifth Street in Harrison, New Jersey that was part of a much larger complex owned and operated by GE and subsequently RCA during the 20th Century. The Site is currently owned by BRG Harrison Lofts Urban Renewal, LLC and was planned for residential redevelopment before the discovery of mercury within the buildings. There are 3 large industrial buildings on site and past investigations by the property owner and GE consultants have shown significant mercury vapor concentrations inside all three buildings (Buildings A, B and C). Visible beads of mercury have been observed in building materials inside the buildings. While the building security is maintained, the threat of a mercury release during a fire concerns local officials, first responders, NJDEP and EPA. The State of New Jersey referred the site to EPA for removal action consideration on May 15, 2018. EPA and General Electric signed an Administrative Order On Consent in July 2019 to design and perform the demolition of Building C and design the demolition of Buildings A and B. EPA is overseeing the Building demolition work as a removal action.