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WMD Quick Reference Guides (QRGs)

Site Contact:
Rebecca Connell
Chair, Nat'l Response Team WMD Subcommittee


Site Location:
Ariel Rios Building
M/S 5104A
Washington, DC 20460

This site contains general documents that may be helpful to the OSC during the first 24-48 hours of a WMD response. Included in the documents section are 1-page (double sided) Quick Reference Guides (QRGs) for OSCs to use as informational resources when initially responding to a biological, chemical and radiological WMD incident. The QRGs are continually reviewed and revised by the Subject Matter Experts of the National Response Team (NRT) and the WMD Subcommittee of the NRT. There are also Bacterial, Toxin, Viral, Chemical and Radiological Reference Documents that cite the various references used in developing the respective QRG(s)

Note: Because the QRGs were not all developed or revised at the same time, the Reference Document for a specific type (e.g., chemical) may be in several volumes.

For additional information, visit the Notices section.