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Waymire Drum Vapor Intrusion Site

Site Contact:
Olivia Trombadore


Site Location:
7702 Maie Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90001

The Waymire Drum Vapor Intrusion Site (Site) consists of a source property and the impacted residences and commercial spaces in the surrounding area. The soil and groundwater at the source property are contaminated with tetrachloroethylene (PCE), trichloroethylene (TCE), and vinyl chloride (VC). Contamination in the soil and groundwater beneath the source property has migrated into the residential and commercial areas to the west and south of the property. This subsurface volatile organic compound contamination causes a vapor intrusion hazard in the buildings overlying the contaminated groundwater and soil.

Starting in the 1920s the source site operated as a drum cleaning, stripping and recycling facility. It is unknown what hazardous substances were used or disposed of during these operations. Beginning in 2001 various auto parts salvaging companies operated at the source site. Specific hazardous substances used during these operations are not known.

It is unclear whether the soil and groundwater contamination at the source property stems from the autobody repair business operations or from earlier business operations at the source property, such as the drum cleaning operations.

EPA’s Site Assessment group began conducting a Preliminary Assessment (PA) in 2017 at the source property. Upon receipt of highly elevated soil gas sample results, they referred the Site to EPA’s Emergency Response Section on May 28th, 2019.

EPA's Emergency Response Section began a preliminary removal assessment on June 5th, 2019. Crawlspace and indoor air sample results have demonstrated elevated levels of TCE (above EPA’s regional screening levels) in the crawl spaces and indoor air of several homes and businesses. On September 16, 2019, EPA began conducting a Removal Action at the Site and installing vapor intrusion mitigation systems in affected residences and business surrounding the source property.

TO ACCESS THE ADMINISTRATIVE RECORD FOR THIS SITE SEE DOCUMENTS SECTION OF THIS WEBSITE OR USE THIS LINK: https://response.epa.gov/site/doc_list.aspx?site_id=14322&RadUrid=3e6f89bb-ff09-4ca6-9d24-0b02ea476823

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