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Havertown PCP NPL Site

Site Contact:
Eduardo Rovira Jr


Site Location:
900 Eagle Rd.
Havertown, PA 19083

The Site is in Havertown, Delaware County, Pennsylvania. The Site is located approximately 10 miles west of Philadelphia and is surrounded by an urban mixture of commercial establishments, industries, parks, schools and residential homes. The Site covers approximately 12 to 15 acres, with no distinct boundaries.

Contamination associated with the Site originated from an area known as the National Wood Preservers facility. The Site was placed on the National Priority List in 1982. The construction and implementation of all the selected Remedial Actions were completed by October 2010. The Site is in the Operation and Maintenance phase, which is being implemented by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection under a Superfund State Contract.

The Removal Action specifically addresses threats posed to a portion of a residential area impacted by the Site, at which elevated concentrations of pentachlorophenol (“PCP”), several polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons (“PAHs”), total dioxins, dieldrin, and several inorganics compounds are located within the shallow soils, groundwater, or seep water. These threats are not addressed in the Remedial Actions. The contaminated soils and groundwater pose an unacceptable threat to human health and environment.