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Gay Stamp Sands Site

Site Contact:
Brian Kelly


Site Location:
Connection of 2nd Street and Gay Lac La Belle Rd
Gay, MI 49950

The Gay Stamp Sands Site is the former location of the Mohawk and Wolverine Mining Company Stamp Mill. Historically, the site included a stamp mill, flotation process, conveyor system, and smokestack. The mill operated from 1900 until it was partially demolished in 1933.

Among the former stamp mill ruins were debris piles containing lead, arsenic, and asbestos-containing building materials. Previous investigations identified up to 48.94% chrysotile asbestos. In-situ screening and laboratory testing of soils in debris piles at the site identified lead concentrations up to 1,125 milligrams/kilogram (mg/kg) of lead and arsenic concentrations up to 670 mg/kg.

During the summer of 2021, EPA initiated and completed a cleaned that removed 141 tons of lead, arsenic, and asbestos waste.