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Landfill Construction & Operations Workshop

Site Contact:
Paul Ruesch


Site Location:
77 West Jackson Blvd (SE-5J)
Chicago, IL 60604

The Landfill Construction and Operations Workshop consists of the following modules:

- Importance of Proper Solid Waste Management
- Landfill Construction (Parts 1 & 2)
- Landfill Operation (Parts 1 & 2)
- Landfill Gas Basics and Gas Collection & Control Systems
- Landfill Gas Utilization Technologies
- Open Dump Closure
- International Solid Waste Management Guide

This website contains all module presentations, links to videos of the instructors delivering the modules, and the manuals/reference documents on which the workshop is based. The target audience is private and public sector solid waste management officials.

The 'Documents' section contains all the individual presentation slides and manuals. The 'Links' section contains access to recordings of each module by an instructor.

This workshop is currently available in English, Spanish and Arabic (see 'Links' section for links to the websites with the other languages).