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Montrose/Del Amo Superfund Sites

Site Contact:
Michael Schulman
Project Manager


Site Location:
20201 S Normandie Ave
Torrance, CA 90502

The Southern Historic Stormwater Pathway—also called ‘‘Operable Unit 6’’ (OU6) or the “Southern Pathway”—is part of the Montrose Superfund cleanup site in Los Angeles County, Calif. From the 1940s to 1960s stormwater with the chemical DDT and other chemicals from the Montrose facility traveled through ditches and marsh areas to the Dominguez Channel. In the 1960s, this pathway was covered with dirt. The Southern Pathway begins south of Torrance Boulevard, and includes portions of the ECI Property, as well as the back yards of seven residential homes immediately east of the former ECI Property, the Site Investigation Area, and the segment of the Southern Pathway between the ECI Property and the Dominguez Channel. 


Today, the land above where the historic pathway was covered includes part of the former “ECI Property” on Torrance Blvd, the now closed Royal Boulevard Landfill, and an area with 34 homes west of S. Vermont Ave. 


EPA will share updates and information on this website as work on this pathway continues.