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Arvada Mercury Spill

Site Contact:
Craig Myers


Site Location:
6704 Everett Street
Arvada, CO 80004

A resident reported a mercury spill inside their residence in Arvada Colorado to the NRC on 4/28/2021 and requested assistance from the EPA to assess and abate the spill. The resident indicated a mercury thermometer broke in the washing machine while doing laundry. The washer and laundry room were secured, but it was unknown how much mercury had spread throughout the house.  

OSC Duane Newell was dispatched to the site that evening. Screening of the breathing zone of the residence using a Lumex Mercury Vapor Monitor (Lumex) indicated that there were no exceedances of health-based risk levels for mercury. The residents stated that they had been instructed over the phone by the EPA to open the house windows and doors to allow in outside air. They secure the washer and dryer and placed all clothing from the washer/dryer after the mercury spill into trash bags. The filled trash bags were placed outside in the backyard. 

The initial assessment did discover elevated levels of mercury in the washer and in the trash bags of clothing. On 4/29/2021 the OSC and ERRS arrived at the residents to abate the mercury contamination and to dispose of the mercury waste. 

At the request of the resident, OSC Duane Newell returned to the site on 5/3/2021 to rescreen the residence with the Lumex. Results showed background instrument levels of mercury which indicated no exceedances of health-based risk levels.  No further action is required.