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Wadeson Surplus Site

Site Contact:
Mark Gallo
On-Scene Coordinator


Site Location:
2801 County Rd 67 (Sand Creek Rd)
Hancock, NY 13783

The Wadeson’s Surplus Site is located at 2801 County Road 67 (Sands Creek Rd) in the town of Hancock, NY.  The Site was previously owned and operated for the purpose of purchasing and reselling of military surplus materials including chemicals, oils, cleaners, paints, clothing, and miscellaneous military equipment.  The Site includes seven 1 and 2-story structures totaling approximately 24,000 square feet, and seventeen 15-foot Conex type storage containers.  The Conex storage boxes contain hundreds of expired chemicals, solvents, waste oils, lubricants, paints, and other surplus military items.  The structures contain thousands of smaller (less than 15 gallon) containers of surplus chemical cleaners, pesticides, adhesives, waste oils, lubricants, and other industrial and commercial military surplus materials.