Diamond Hard Chrome

Site Contact:
Eric Pohl & Jackie Cole


Site Location:
6110 Grand Ave.
Cleveland, OH 44104

On February 9, 2022, EPA received a request and referral from the Ohio EPA to conduct Assessment and Removal actions at the Diamond Hard Chrome site (OHD987040334) in Cleveland, OH. Diamond Hard Chrome Inc was a hard chrome metal plating business with site history dating to 1954. The Company operated in a building at the site property from 1954 to 1991, when a fire destroyed the plating operations, and the business moved to the building immediately adjacent -- which is the current subject of the Assessment and Removal. The previous fire-impacted building (OHR000012880) has a post-closure plan approved by the Ohio EPA.

Diamond Hard Chrome Inc ceased operations on November 12, 2021. Following a period of enforcement activities including issuance of Notices of Violation by the Ohio EPA, a Time-Critical Removal Action Request was sent to EPA.  In March 2022, EPA conducted a Removal Assessment at the Site. The building is in poor condition and a threat of release of hazardous substances including chromium, characteristically corrosive wastes, and other metal plating related materials is present. An Action Memorandum was signed in June 2022; the Time-Critical Removal Action is anticipated to begin mid-summer 2022.