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Glacier Hotel Asbestos Site

Site Contact:
Joyce Ackerman


Site Location:
15 1st Ave SW
Cut Bank, MT 59427

The City of Cut Bank, Montana requested that EPA conduct a removal action (cleanup) at a property where three buildings burned, leaving debris piles with asbestos containing material (ACM). The Glacier Hotel, hotel addition, and lounge burned in 2021.  The buildings were known to have ACM in their construction materials.

The removal action will include the cleanup and proper disposal of the ACM-contaminated debris.  The EPA On-Scene Coordinator and EPA's hazmat contractor will mobilize to the site on May 17, 2023 and equipment will be delivered beginning that day.  The cleanup is anticipated to require up to seven weeks to complete.  

The ACM-contaminated debris will be kept wet whenever it is disturbed to prevent any asbestos fibers from migrating.  Rolloff boxes will be lined with heavy plastic. The waste will be loaded into the boxes, covered with the plastic liners, and sealed.  The waste will be delivered to the Shelby landfill which is permitted to accept ACM. 

It will be necessary to restrict traffic some of the time on a portion of 1st Avenue SW to allow the haul trucks to load up the rolloff boxes.  

EPA will conduct air sampling for asbestos fibers and air monitoring for dust throughout the cleanup.  We will post that information on this website. 

The work schedule will be  Mondays through Saturdays, including Memorial Day weekend.

 Updates will be provided on this website.  

For additional information, visit the Notices section.