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Bridger Railroad Spill

Site Contact:
Todd DeGarmo
On Scene Coordinator


Site Location:
343-351 South River Road
Bridger, MT 59014
NRC#: 1348749

A BNSF eastbound train derailed at 11:30pm Friday, September 30, 2022 approximately ½ mile east of Bridger, Montana, near the intersection of East Bridger Road and South River Road. It has been confirmed a total of 15 cars of the 115 total on the train were involved. Derailed cars included 4 tank cars carrying gasoline; other identified cars carried consumables, particle board, coal, animal fat, sorghum; other mobile containers with unidentified non-hazardous contents. An estimated 28-30,000 gallons of gasoline leaked from the 2 damaged tank cars onto the ballast approximately 200 yards from the Clark River.

Burlington Northern Santa Fe railroad (BNSF) are at the incident with Vac trucks & Frac. tanks addressing the spill along with several other subcontractors. Containment and mitigation measures are being deployed to avoid further transmission of the spill. A command post is being set up in the town of Bridger with officials from the railroad, local

emergency & government officials.