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Rosehill DePue Property Site

Site Contact:
Danita Larry
On-Scene Coordinator


Site Location:
Rosehill Rd
DePue, IL 61322

The Rosehill DePue Property site is located in residential areas (including vacant lots), special use areas (i.e., athletic fields, parks, alleys, schools), and certain commercial properties within the Village of DePue, Illinois.

Rosehill Depue Property Site comprises an unimproved and vacant residential lot located on Rosehill Road  in DePue, Illinois, and a stockpile of ACM that the DePue Site PRP’s cleanup contractor transported to Operable Unit 3 (OU3) of the DePue Site. The ACM was discovered during remedial action cleanup activities at the DePue Site.

In June 2022, while implementing the remedy for the DePue Site, EPA’s oversight contractor found damaged suspect asbestos-containing building material (ACBM) exposed within the proposed excavation area at the Site. The suspect ACBM appeared to be non-site-related material consisting of transite panels commonly used as siding on older homes that had been dumped at the Site. EPA’s oversight contractor immediately notified the PRP’s contractor who was conducting the work and remedial activities on the property stopped. By the time the suspected ACBM was noticed, the PRPs had already stockpiled some of the excavated ACBM at Operable Unit 3 (OU3) of the DePue Site.

July 2022, the PRP’s contractor conducted an assessment of the suspected ACBM by collecting samples and further delineating the extent of the contamination. The goal of the assessment was to confirm the presence of ACM in the residential yard and debris pile and determine estimated volumes. The waste was located on the southward facing woodland slope, approximately 35 feet south of the concrete pad where a garage used to be located. Approximately 15 by 15 square feet of suspect ACBM was exposed. The estimated volume of ACM at the Site is 25 cubic yards and 15 cubic yards in the stockpile at OU3 of the DePue Site.

August 2022, the Remedial Project Manager (RPM) for the DePue/New Jersey Zinc/Mobil Chemical Site corresponded with EPA’s oversight contractor and a Licensed Asbestos Inspector to discuss the friability of the ACBM found at the Site who determined that the ACBM was friable. The Licensed Asbestos Inspector further determined that the soil intermixed with the ACBM should also be managed as a regulated asbestos containing material (RACM).