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Duncan Jet Fuel Spill

Site Contact:
Paul Peronard
Federal On-Scene Coordinator


Site Location:
262 SOUTH 3800 WEST
Provo, UT 84601
NRC#: 1362017

On March 11, 2023, both the Provo Fire Department (PFD) and  Duncan Aviation called to report a discharge of 1650 gallons  of JP-A fuel at the Provo Municipal Airport. The discharged occurred during a truck to truck transfer of fuel  at Duncan's (an airport contractor) facility at approximately 0530 MST.  Duncan Aviation, PFD, and Airport personnel provided an initial response to stop the discharge and to dam up a drainage ditch to where the fuel was draining.  The drainage ditch leads to a pump station which moves water into the Utah Lake to the immediate west of the airport.  The pump station was shutdown by airport personnel.

At 0700 MST an ERRS contractor was dispatched out of Salt Lake City, while OSC Peronard and a START contractor were dispatched from Denver, Colorado.  Duncan hired a response contractor who arrived on-scene at approximately 1030 MST.  A vacuum truck was used to recover fuel and the water impacted by the spill, and boom was placed down stream of the interception dam as a precaution.

The EPA ERRS contractor arrived on-scene at 0900 MST and provided oversite and assistance while the OSC and START were in route.  OSC Peronard and START arrived that afternoon.