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Hamilton Street Fire

Site Contact:
Jason Cashmere


Site Location:
1004 Hamilton Street
Jackson, MI 49202
NRC#: 1376946

August 25, 2023 Site Update 

Air monitoring continued with two fixed air monitoring stations located to the east and west of the wall collapse and asbestos debris area along North West Street.  EPA began cleanup activities along North West Street which included containerizing all asbestos debris located on North West Street, street and sidewalk cleaning, and collecting all rinseate water for disposal.  Continuous air monitoring was conducted during cleanup actitivities - no particulate readings were noted during the cleanup.  Additionally, EPA erected fencing along North West Street to secure the property following the fire.  EPA completed cleanup activities along North West Street at approximately 8:30 p.m.

August 24, 2023 Site Update 

EPA continued to conduct air monitoring at three fixed locations including two in a residential neighborhood and one at an elementary school.  EPA completed cleanup of the non-hazardous, nuisance fire debris at Jackson public schools.

August 23, 2023 Site Update 

Air monitoring continued overnight at EPA’s 3 fixed air monitoring stations and did not detect any contaminants above action levels.  Yesterday, EPA canvassed the neighborhood and collected fire debris.  Samples were taken to a lab today to be analyzed for potential hazards.  This evening, sampling results confirmed that all off-site fire debris collected in the neighborhood tested negative for hazardous substances.  However, asbestos was detected in the street immediately adjacent to the fire and ongoing cleanup activities will be conducted.  The street will be temporarily closed until the cleanup is completed.  EPA will continue to clean up fire debris at Jackson public schools as non-hazardous, nuisance material.


On Tuesday, August 22, around 12:00 p.m. EDT, a large commercial building suspected to contain hazardous substances caught fire near the intersection of W. North and Hamilton Streets in Jackson, Michigan. The City of Jackson fire department responded with support from the Jackson County Emergency Management Agency and fire departments from neighboring jurisdictions. The Jackson County Emergency Manager requested EPA assistance. EPA was on site by 4:00 pm and established 3 fixed air monitoring stations surrounding the site. Residents were urged not to touch any debris from the fire and to report any debris to the fire department.