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I-25 Castle Pines Diesel Tanker Spill

Site Contact:
Taylor Bowker


Site Location:
Castle Pine, CO 80108
NRC#: 1395178

Background: On March 30, at approximately 2:15am, a tanker truck operated by A&S Garcia Trucking, LLC, rolled over into a roadside ditch south of the Castle Pines Parkway exit after a collision with another vehicle on southbound Interstate 25. The tanker truck had a maximum storage capacity of approximately 9,000 gallons of diesel fuel in two 4,500 gallon compartments. One of the compartments was damaged in the accident and leaked approximately 2,500 gallons of diesel fuel, which spilled into a dry ditch adjacent to the road. There is an un-named creek with flowing water nearby that  flows to Rueter-Hess Reservoir, approximately 3 miles downstream, which is a drinking water source for the Town of Parker. The spill is currently contained in the dry ditch with earthen berms constructed to prevent oil from reaching the un-named creek.


The interstate was closed for a time due to the accident, and traffic was diverted around the scene until the highway was reopened around 8:15 AM, once the tractor truck and trailer were recovered.


State, Local and other Federal Agency Actions and Roles: The Colorado Highway Patrol and South Metro Fire Department are on site and have contained the diesel within the dry ditch. The RP is deploying equipment and vacuum truck to remove the diesel and clean up the spill. 


EPA Actions and Roles: 

On March 30, R8 deployed one EPA OSC. The OSC is providing oversight of the response, including issuing a Notice of Federal Interest and working to develop a plan for the removal of product and contaminated soils. An FPN has been opened with the Oil Spill Liability Trust Fund for this incident.

At the direction of the OSC within Unified Command, the RP’s contractor worked to remove diesel fuel in the overturned truck, recovered and removed the tractor-trailer. The highway mostly reopened by Saturday afternoon. Mass balance indicates that the initial estimate of 2,500 gallons spilled was accurate.

Free product within the ditch has been vacuumed out and/or solidified with absorbents. After permits were issued, a utility locate was completed, and traffic control measures replaced on Saturday afternoon, contaminated saturated soil was excavated Saturday evening and encapsulated in poly sheeting in stockpiles on site to prevent migration due to potential precipitation until it can be removed for proper disposal or treatment. The remaining threat to nearby WOTUS has been mitigated with the source areas contained, and an interceptor trench and sufficient sorbent booms installed as a hedge against any migration through the remaining soils near the rollover location. Response resources were demobilized on Sunday.

The EPA OSC is now working with CSP and Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT) to transition the site back to the state for oversight of the soil removal, rehabilitation of the site, and revegetation under their cleanup authorities.