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VIPER Monitoring System

Site Contact:
Joe Schaefer
Environmental Scientist


Site Location:
2890 Woodbridge Ave
Edison, NJ 08837

VIPER is a network based communications system designed to enable real time transmission of data from field sensors to a a local computer, remote computer, or enterprise server and provide data management, analysis, and visualization.

USEPA-ERT has developed this wireless sensor communication system utilizing Safe Environment Engineering's LifeLine Wireless Monitoring system as a core technology leveraged and enhanced by ERT custom software drawing on the SCRIBE.NET enterprise data model to provide capture, aggregation, persistence, communication, and visualization of sensor data in a manner applicable to a wide range of environmental monitoring equipment and field monitoring scenarios.

The VIPER system supports mobile and fixed monitoring modes with independent or clustered sensor arrays and local and/or enterprise communication strategies. Custom software ( VIPER Survey Controller ) assists the user in composing and controlling a field survey with great flexibility. The VIPER Survey Controller manages the LifeLine hardware and software, launching instances of the LifeLine sensor controller applications with appropriate configuration files based on the user-defined survey components, communications strategy, and survey mode.

In addition, the VIPER Survey Controller manipulates the Common Alerting Protocol (CAP) XML data streams, locally persists the data in SQL Server Express, produces KML dataforms viewable in Google Earth, and publishes data to the VIPER.NET enterprise servers for access via the internet. Enterprise services include a subscription service for maintaining a SQL Server database and a service that provides for monitoring system status and reporting.