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Pocono Raceway - NASCAR Race Deployment

Site Contact:
Myles Bartos


Site Location:
Pocono International Raceway
Long Pond Road
Long Pond, PA 18334

US EPA Region 3 Incident Management Team (IMT) staged at Pocono Raceway for annual NASCAR races for following purposes:
1:) To stage an EPA IMT in order to reduce mobilization time for an on-site response to terrorist or intentionally initiated incidents involving biological, chemical or radiological agents at the scheduled NASCAR races.
2:) To perform air monitoring surveillance for chemical and radiological agents carried into the raceway from the outside before and during the races.
3:) To perform chemical and radiological agent detection sweeps in the NASCAR garage, the paddock, the pit, selected portions of the infield, the, the VIP Victory Tower and selected portions of the grand stand areas prior to each trial period or race (Saturday, and Sunday).
4:) To collect air bag samples if monitoring indicates readings above recommended actions levels for those parameters being monitored.