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Green Response

Site Contact:
Alyssa Hughes
On-Scene Coordinator


Site Location:
Washington, DC 20004

This website serves as an information source for EPA OSCs and other removal support staff as they continue to incorporate greener cleanups in their response actions.

OSCs increasingly use strategies to “green” their response actions and maximize the environmental outcome. The strategies can help reduce waste, conserve potable water, minimize air contaminants, save energy and money, and otherwise reduce the environmental footprint of an action. For example, solar and wind energy can be used in removals at remote locations and materials that represent waste at offsite locations may provide beneficial use in onsite activities.

The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency’s Office of Superfund Remediation and Technology Innovation offers many job aids to help OSCs prepare for and implement green response actions.

Fact sheets describing BMPs for greener removal actions involving:
-Site investigation
-Excavation & site restoration
-Clean fuel & emission technologies
-Renewable energy
-Underground storage tank systems
-Landfill cover systems & energy production
… with more topics on the way, including a methodology to evaluate the environmental footprint of a response action, abandoned mine lands, and contracting mechanisms.

Headquarters and regional policies and strategies including the:
-Office of Solid Waste and Emergency Response Principles for Greener Cleanups policy
-September 2010 Superfund Green Remediation Strategy
-Regional policies for greener cleanups in all ten EPA regions

A contracting and administrative toolkit with:
-Sample language used in ERRS contracts, task orders, and work plans
-Models of administrative documents such as interagency agreements
-Details on how to plan green response actions

Tech Support to help find:
-High-performance field equipment
-Environmentally preferred products
-Potential for integrating renewable energy and purchasing green power
-Methods for assessing the environmental footprint of an action

Need help? Contact:
Carlos Pachon (TIFSD), pachon.carlos@epa.gov, 703-603-9904

CLU-IN Green Remediation Focus:

---Click HERE for a list of all OSC GR Coordinators!---