Cove Transfer Station

Site Contact:
Amanda Pease
On Scene Coordinator


Site Location:
Cove Chapter
Apache County, AZ 86544

The two Cove Transfer Stations are located on an unaddressed property in Cove Chapter, Apache County, Arizona within the Navajo Nation.

Uranium ore was mined intermittently from 1950 to 1967 throughout the nearby Lukachakai Mountains. The Cove Transfer Station sites were formerly occupied by a mining operation's field camp and ore transfer station. Uranium ore was temporarily stored on site for transfer to an off-site mill.

Transfer Station 1 occupies approximately 4 acres consisting primarily of undeveloped, open grazing land bordered by an immediately adjacent single family residence to the north/northeast.

Transfer Station 2 occupies approximately 2.5 acres of undeveloped open grazing land.

The Navajo Abandoned Mine and Land Reclamation Program (NAMLRP) conducted a removal action at Cove Transfer Station 1 between July 2003 and July 2004. NAMLRP staff surveyed the site prior to conducting the removal action to determine areas of elevated radiation. Between 1 and 2 acres were excavated by NAMLRP.

An EPA removal assessment was initiated in response to regulatory concern over potential radioactive contamination at two uranium ore transfer stations from historic mining operations.

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