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Michigan Mapping Stakeholder


All Documents [5]
File Name Description Category Uploaded Size Download 
EPA Mapping Projects Quick Start Guide-2022_rev4.pdf QuickStart Guide (August 2022) Quick Start Guide 8/24/2022 5879 KB Download
MI_Mapping-History_Access.mp4 How to get access to the Mapping Projects. Video 8/24/2022 116098 KB Download
EPA-R5_Mapping_Project-GIS_Data-Layers.mp4 Intro to the Data Layers in the Mapping Projects. Video 8/24/2022 281193 KB Download
MI_Mapping-Backgrounds_Widgets_Tools.mp4 Intro to the Background Maps, Widgets (applications) and Tools in the Mapping Projects. Video 8/24/2022 164792 KB Download
MI_Mapping-Report_Functions.mp4 Intro to the FRP, Downstream/Downwind Vulnerable Populations, Oil Spill Source and County Fact Sheet Report features in the Mapping Projects. Video 8/24/2022 151735 KB Download