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Former Kaiser Smelter

Site Contact:
Brooks Stanfield
On Scene Coordinator


Site Location:
2111 E Hawthorne Road
Mead, WA 99021

In 2000, the Kaiser Aluminum Mead Works smelter was shuttered. Since shutdown, the facility has had three different owners, the most recent being Spokane Recycling LLC, who purchased the site in late 2014.

Previous owners initiated demolition and cleanup operations. This included the potlines operations with building material containing “Galbestos”, that were high in both asbestos and PCBs. The planned cleanup terminated upon the last transfer of ownership. Debris and product are both in piles and drums, are scattered throughout the site.

A due diligence investigation prior to a previous change of ownership found PCB Aroclor 1268 throughout the site. The report recommended removing and disposing solids in the catch basins and settling ponds to minimize the risk of PCB contamination to Deadman Creek.

Washington Department of Ecology has requested EPA assistance to assess and potentially conduct removal on PCB and other contaminated source material.

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