Globe-Union Inc.

Site Contact:
Eric Delgado


Site Location:
1111 Shiloh Road
Garland, TX 75042

Update: A virtual community meeting was held for this site on August 5th. For the recorded meeting, please click here.  

As EPA pursues its mission to protect human health and the environment, we actively work with communities and local partners all over America to limit the risk of exposure to contaminants that might have negative health impacts. We have been working in Garland, Texas at the former Globe-Union Battery Facility to identify and understand any potential risks to human or environmental health and to mitigate those risks.

Globe-Union Inc. operated as a battery manufacturer during the 1950s to 1995. Globe-Union Inc. produced lead oxide batteries for the automobile industry. The residential community adjacent to the site expressed concerns to the EPA regarding potential contamination from the site.

EPA conducted a Preliminary Assessment in 2019 to determine the potential threat to public health and the environment posed by the site. Following the Preliminary Assessment, the EPA conducted a Site Inspection. The Site Inspection took place during the week of February 17, 2020. Soil and sediment samples were collected at the Globe-Union Inc. site and along a surface water pathway. Representatives from the Meadowlark-Williams neighborhood and the City of Garland were present during the sampling activities. Analytical results indicated that elevated lead levels were present in the soil along the surface water pathway. As a result of the Site Inspection, EPA is planning to conduct a removal assessment in the areas where elevated lead was found.

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