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TechCity Site (former IBM Facility), Town of Ulster

Site Contact:
Don Graham


Site Location:
300 Enterprise Drive
Ulster, NY 12449

The TechCity site, an active industrial park, is a former IBM production facility that operated for more than 30 years at 300 Enterprise Drive in the Town of Ulster, Ulster County, New York. The 258-acre industrial park is bordered by residential properties to the north and south and an active rail spur and commercial properties to the east; to the west of Enterprise Drive is the western campus, over 80 acres of which is now owned by the Ulster County Economic Development Alliance.   


TechCity’s former owner/operators demolished a significant portion of the site in 2015 and 2016. During demolition activities, improper asbestos abatement and demolition resulted in the release of asbestos containing materials (ACM) at the site.  The ACM is present in the interior of building 1 and was present in/on building 2.  Three large debris piles of regulated ACM (RACM), as determined by the NY State Department of Labor (NYSDOL), were generated when building 25 was demolished, and remain on-site.


Between May 2017 and November 2019, EPA attempted to have the former owner/operators voluntarily address the asbestos conditions of buildings 1, 2, and 25 through permanent measures given that certain temporary measures were no longer effective.  The owner/operators covered the RACM piles with tarps as an interim measure to help stop the threat to people’s health posed by the release of asbestos at the site.


EPA sent a Notice of Potential Liability and Request to Perform Response Action under CERCLA in December 2019 to five potentially responsible parties (PRPs), including the owner/operators. None of the PRPs agreed to voluntarily take on the work. 

In March 2020, EPA used CERCLA funds to seal the exterior of building 1 and demolish building 2. All ACM associated with building 2 was properly disposed of off-site.


EPA issued an Administrative Order in September 2020 that directed six PRPs to abate the remaining significant threats posed by friable asbestos. The PRPs were required to remove the three RACM piles as well as permanently abate friable asbestos in building 1.  Although three of the PRPs initially agreed, the parties failed to clean up the site.


EPA repaired barriers, installed temporary fencing, and posted asbestos warning signs around building 1 to make sure it was secured. The PRPs were charged with maintaining the tarps on the RACM piles, with EPA re-covering or augmenting those tarps, as needed.


EPA signed a legal agreement with iPark 87, LLC on June 7, 2022, to abate significant threats posed by friable asbestos at the site and reimburse EPA for its past and future costs.  Under the agreement, iPark 87, LLC, a developer that subsequently purchased the site, has agreed to, among other things, remove the RACM piles as well as secure and/or permanently abate friable asbestos in building 1.  The work, which will be overseen by EPA, is valued at approximately $4 million. iPark 87, LLC will also reimburse EPA for 100% of its past response costs, as well as EPA’s future oversight costs.


IPark87, LLC has been working with all involved parties to begin the cleanup in early August and work on both the RACM piles and building 1, with EPA and NYSDOL oversight.


For more information on the history of the site and redevelopment issues, see: Ulster County’s website


Additional Contacts (during the work):


Town of Ulster:  Warren Tutt




NYSDOL Contact (Asbestos): Jason Pensabene


NYSDEC Contacts:


Danial Lanners

 mailto:kieran.mccarthy@dec.ny.gov (counsel)

New Paltz (Region 3) :

David Pollock

Additional Information:

Senator Schumer addresses Asbestos at TechCity, Friday, July 7, 2021

NYSDEC Corrective Action: