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Buckskin Joe Mine Site

Site Contact:
Todd DeGarmo


Site Location:
Alma, CO 80420

The Buckskin Joe mine site is located approximately 1.8 miles west of the town of Alma, in Park County, Colorado, off of County Road 8. Precious metal mining was initiated at the Buckskin Joe mine site in 1859 and continued until approximately 1957 with various ownership and areas of mining focus. Currently, two mine adits are observed at the site (upper and lower), as well as a large mine dump. The lower adit is observed to be partially blocked by collapse material while also releasing mine influenced water (MIW). This adit is located adjacent to Buckskin gulch, and up-gradient of the potable water intake for the town of Alma, Colorado. Little is known about the partially blocked adit, while the potential exists for an uncontrolled mine pool release from the adit. To investigate the lower Buckskin Joe adit, coring activities designed to determine MIW loading behind the adit collapse will be conducted starting on August 12, 2020.

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