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TooBro Cheese Ogdensburg, NY

Site Contact:
Michael Mannino


Site Location:
30 Main Street
Ogdensburg, NY 13669

The site is a former cheese production facility located in a residential/commercial area at 30 Main Street, Ogdensburg, New York. The site is generally bordered by the vacant and commercial land to the north and east; and residential and vacant land to the south and west. The closest residential property lies within 100 feet of the site. The site consists of at least three buildings which were involved in the production of cheese products, until operations ceased in 2011.

The City of Ogdensburg, New York submitted a referral letter to EPA requesting assistance regarding abandoned ammonia cylinders and other containers at the site. The City observed evidence of trespassing and vandalism at the site and installed interim security measures. In addition to the ammonia cylinders at the site, the City observed several drums and containers of caustics, and buckets of waste petroleum products from the former site operations.

EPA mobilized to the site in October 2020 to initiate immediate stabilization of the cylinders and refrigeration system and conducted an initial inventory of containers on site.  EPA returned to the site in November/December 2020 to begin sampling and staging of all drums, totes and other containers of hazardous substances.   

Once complete funding for this removal was secured, EPA re-mobilized to the site on August 3, 2021 and loaded all staged hazardous materials for transportation and disposal, with the exception of smaller containers which required to be lab-packaged.  On September 14, 2021, EPA returned to the site to package, and load the lab-pack material for transportation and disposal.  During this mobilization, City of Ogdensburg has also removed non-hazardous debris which accumulated during the removal action.

The final load for off-site shipment occurring on September 14, 2021 completing the removal action.  Following removal of all containerized hazardous materials from the site, the building was re-secured  and City of Ogdensburg was provided notice of this completed action.