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Marty Asbestos and Waste

Site Contact:
Martin McComb
On-Scene Coordinator


Site Location:
Marty, SD 57361

   The Marty Asbestos and Waste Site included three structurally unsound buildings (St. Joseph, St. Katherine and White Frame) at an active Tribal boarding school in Marty, South Dakota, and a large unregulated dumping location 3 miles northeast of town.  The boarding school buildings contained asbestos and lead based paint. School officials attempted to restrict access to the buildings, but school employees, students and trespassers were exposed.  The unregulated dumping location was used dozens of times each day by people and businesses from as far away as Nebraska. It often caught fire which was difficult to extinguish.


   EPA initiated a CERCLA Time Critical Removal Action in Summer 2022 to:


  1. Demolish and remove the structurally compromised school buildings which contain asbestos.
  2. Create a repository at the unregulated dumping location for both debris from the demolished buildings and waste which has been abandoned at the dump location.
  3. Remediate the dump location to support future use by the Tribe as a transfer station.


UPDATE: The school buildings have been removed and hazards at the dump have been addressed. The Tribe has assumed operations at the transfer station and EPA has issued its Final Pollution Report.


Click on the image below to view EPA's effort at the Site.

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