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Stillwater Train Derailment

Site Contact:
Joyel Dhieux


Site Location:
Reed Point, MT 59069
NRC#: 1371080

Site Update.

Phase 2 Rapid Assessment Begins

On April 1, 2024, Unified Command initiated the Phase 2 Rapid Assessment along the Yellowstone River. Crews are looking for asphalt that may have deposited along the riverbanks below last year’s water line. Data from the Rapid Assessment informed the Phase 2 summer operations which are scheduled to begin in mid-June. Unified Command will provide an update upon completion of the Rapid Assessment.

  • To report observed asphalt material in the Yellowstone River or on the riverbank contact: 


Phase 2 Cleanup Plan Released

Unified Command released the Phase 2 cleanup plan for the next stage of cleanup. Learn more about the plan and frequently asked questions below.

Site Description

  • On June 24, 2023, EPA received a report of a rail car incident located near Reed Point, MT, approximately 40 miles west of Billings, MT. Montana Rail Link reported the Twin Bridges bridge collapse. The rail line included 55 total cars; 17 cars were derailed. The 17 affected rail cars contained sodium hydrosulfide, asphalt liquified petroleum, molten sulfur, and scrap metal. 10 cars entered the Yellowstone River under the Twin Bridges bridge. The sodium hydrosulfide cars did not enter the river. The quantity of the contents in the rail cars varies but is typically in the thousands of gallons.
  • Representatives from the Montana Dept. of Environmental Quality (MDEQ), local Law Enforcement, Fire Department, Fish & Wildlife Services (FWS) and Montana Disaster & Emergency Services (DES) arrived on scene. EPA has deployed an On Scene Coordinator, along with technical (START) contractors who will provide additional support and help coordinate environmental assessment and response activities with State and local officials.
  • Notifications to downstream public water supplies have been made. There are currently no known threats to public health and public water supplies are continuing to monitor the situation. Irrigation ditch users have also been notified.
  • To report observed asphalt material in the Yellowstone River or on the riverbank contact: 


  • To report impacted wildlife, call the Oiled Wildlife Care Network Response Hotline at: 888-275-6926