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ECC Corp. Site - Removal Action 2023

Site Contact:
Allyson Bowden
On-Scene Coordinator


Site Location:
156 Princeton St.
Holden, MA 01522

The Site is defined as the point of release and where hazardous substances have come to be located, thus it includes portions of the ECC Corp. property (the point of release) – the Source Property – and impacted properties currently consisting of an abutting town property (zoned residential) and two residential properties (where contamination has come to be located). Situated at 156 Princeton Street, in Holden, Worcester County, Massachusetts, the Source Property consists of an approximately 17-acre parcel (Parcel ID 922 on Holden Tax Map 87, Block 26). The Source Property, located in a predominantly residential area, is bordered by residential properties to the north, west, and south, and by the Asnebumskit Brook along the southern and eastern perimeter.

The Source Property was a former electroplating manufacturing facility that was operated by Electronic Controls Corporation (ECC) from the 1950s until 2005 and has been inactive since 2006. Prior to the construction of the ECC facility, a historical woolen mill operation was once located on the property. The Source Property includes a two-story brick and cinder-block manufacturing building; a paved driveway and parking area; areas of maintained lawn; and in the northwest section, a former waste lagoon, closed under the Resource Conservation and Recovery Act. The northern portion of the property is currently undeveloped and is heavily vegetated. There are several monitoring wells located on the property due to a documented chlorinated solvent plume originating in the former waste lagoon. There are recovery wells on site that are part of an ECC-operated pump-and-treat system that had been installed to address the plume; the system ceased operation in 2005.

A total of 264 soil samples, including four field duplicates, were collected from soil borings from the Source Property and from eight abutting residential properties. Sampling analysis by EPA determined that lead, a hazardous substance as defined by Section 101(14) of the Comprehensive Environmental Response, Compensation, and Liability Act (CERCLA), 42 U.S.C. §9601(14), and 40 CFR § 302.4, has been released or threatened to be released into the environment on the former ECC property, an abutting town owned property (zoned residential) and two abutting residential properties (where contamination has come to be located).