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Little Leatherwood Creek Crude Oil Discharge

Site Contact:
Benjamin Franco


Site Location:
4041 Little Leatherwood Creek
Cornetsville, KY 41731
NRC#: 1383184

On November 1, KY EPD's Emergency Response Team responded to the report of crude oil in Little Leatherwood Creek, south of Cornettsville . ERT SOSC traced the discharge back to a privately owned oil well. The loadout piping for the well’s storage tank had been damaged previously, which caused crude oil to be released when the tank contents were offloaded. Approximately 15-20 barrels of crude were released and impacted 0.6 miles of stream. An environmental contractor was secured and responded to contain the release and begin cleanup activities. Cleanup is estimated to take several days and ERT SOSC will be on site to oversee all work conducted. EPA R4 Phone Duty Officer issued a Pollution Removal Funding Authorization to KYDEP to fund their removal action. Little Leatherwood Creek enters Leatherwood Creek (4 miles) and then enters the North Fork Kentucky River (5 miles).