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Unknown Acid Spill - Hwy 412 Fair Oaks OK

Site Contact:
Alejandro Lara Jr.


Site Location:
Hwy 412
Fair Oaks, OK 74015
NRC#: 1396775

On April 18, 2024, EPA Region 6 received a National Response Center Report describing an acid spill at Highway 412 in Rogers County. The incident occurred on April 16, 2024, and based on photos appears to be a spill to soil and the surrounding asphalt due to unknown circumstances and by an unknown source. The report came from the Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality who has been in contact with the Cherokee Nation, Fair Oaks Fire Department and Rogers County. The county has cordoned off the area of the spill to prevent access to the area of the spill.

The incident location is in the inland zone, and EPA is the lead federal agency for the response.  

On April 19, the EPA, Fair Banks Fire Department (FBFD), Oklahoma Department of Environmental Quality (ODEQ), Rogers County Commissioner (RCC), and Rogers County Emergency Management (RCEM) met on site to conduct a site assessment. The group drove approximately 7 miles east on Highway 412 to determine the extent of staining on the asphalt. After screening the soil for pH, Sodium Bicarbonate was mixed into the pooled liquid and soil to act as a neutralizer. Once all utility lines were cleared by 811 services, the impacted soil was excavated at varied depths from 3” to 20”. Excavated soils were stockpiled on top of poly and covered with poly. An orange construction fence was erected around the entire excavation and stockpile area. Rogers County Emergency Management Deputy Director will monitor the site and report anything unusual to EPA.  Disposal of stockpile and backfill activities will be conducted in the coming week.