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RRT-6 Homepage

Site Contact:
Bray Fisher


Site Location:
Dallas, TX 75202

Region 6 Regional Response Team (RRT-6):

RRT-6 is comprised of members from fifteen federal departments and agencies having representatives on the NRT, plus five regional State government representatives from the States of Arkansas, Louisiana, New Mexico, Oklahoma, and Texas.


There are 13 Regional Response Teams (RRTs), one for each of ten federal regions, plus one for Alaska, one for the Caribbean, and one for the Pacific Basin. Each RRT maintains a Regional Contingency Plan (RCP) and has state, as well as federal government, representation.


The standing RRT serves as the regional body for planning and preparedness actions before a response action to a significant oil or hazardous substance incident is taken.  Except for periods of activation for an incident-specific response action, the representatives of EPA and USCG shall act as Co-Chairs.  The standing RRT’s general activities should include the development of communication systems and procedures, planning and preparedness, training and exercises, coordination, evaluation, and other related pollution preparedness matters on a region-wide basis. 

For more information on RRT-6 see RRT 101 and RRT-6 By-Laws.


RRT-6 Co-Chairs:

  • Craig Carroll, EPA Region 6
  • Michael Sams, USCG 8th District

RRT-6 Alternate Co-Chairs:

  • Lyndsey Nguyen, EPA Region 6
  • CWO4 Brandon Todd, USCG 8th District

RRT-6 Coordinators:


RRT-6 Standing Committees:

  • Response:
    • Chair: Adam Tyndale, USCG 8th District
    • Vice-Chair: Gary Moore, EPA Region 6
  • Preparedness:
    • Chair: Dr. Karolien Debusschere, LOSCO
    • Vice-Chair: Damara “Dee” Oos, USCG 8th District
  • Science & Technology:
    • Chair: Brent Koza, TGLO
    • Vice-Chair: Dr. Paige Doelling, NOAA

RRT-6 Meetings:

Regular meetings of the Standing RRT will be convened at least semi-annually and shall be “open meetings.”  The meetings will be hosted by the Co-Chairs.  See Notices located under the Resources section (upper right side of this web page) for more information on future meetings.  Meetings are normally held in May and November. 



For additional information, visit the Notices section.