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USNORTHCOM-EPA [Palomas/Juarez/Ojinaga-Chihuahua, MX]

Site Contact:
Jhana Enders


Site Location:
Dallas, TX 75202

1) Juarez Equipment Exchange andTraining
2) Ojinaga Equipment Exchange and Training

The primary goal of the USNORTHCOM-EPA partnership is to strengthen border hazardous material response capabilities by building capacity in Mexico to respond to environmental pollution incidents that impact or threaten to impact the environment and public health along the border region.

This webpage covers the sister city areas of:

- Columbus, NM and Palomas-Chihuahua, MX
- El Paso, TX;Sunland Park, NM;Juarez-Chihuahua, MX;Ysleta Del Sur Pueblo
- Presidio, TX and Ojinaga-Chihuahua, MX