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EPA On-Scene Coordinator (OSC) Response
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Name ~ click column to sort~CityStateContactUpdatedField ActivityResponse TypeResponse AuthorityIncident Category
Benton Creosote WorksBentonLAMike McAteer03/01/2024YesEmergencyCERCLARemoval Action
East Palestine Train DerailmentEast PalestineOHRachel Bassler03/01/2024YesEmergencyCERCLARemoval Action
Trowbridge Township Dam AreaAlleganMIPaul Ruesch03/01/2024Yes---
EPA Region 7 Response and Planning Viewer - Public VersionLenexaKSJeff Pritchard03/01/2024No---
Historic PotteriesTrentonNJJon Byk03/01/2024YesEmergencyCERCLARemoval Action
My Way Trading Warehouse FireRichmondINJeff Wawczak and Allen Jarrell03/01/2024YesEmergencyCERCLARemoval Action
Toastmaster Macon SiteMaconMOJohn Frey03/01/2024YesNon-Time-CriticalCERCLARemoval Action
DiamondJacks Casino Boat Spill - UCGPE24608Bossier CityLABray Fisher03/01/2024YesEmergencyOPA-
Ortek Inc.McCookILJacob Hassan02/29/2024YesTime-CriticalCERCLARemoval Action
Bliss Corner Neighborhood SiteDartmouthMAJohn Mckeown02/29/2024YesTime-CriticalCERCLARemoval Action
VIPER Monitoring SystemEdisonNJJoe Schaefer02/29/2024No---
Belanger ParkRiver RougeMIBrian Kelly & Mellisa Powers-Taylor02/29/2024Yes---
Chemtool FireRocktonILCraig Thomas02/29/2024YesEmergencyCERCLARemoval Action
Fifth Ward/ Kashmere Gardens UPRR SiteHoustonTXCasey Luckett02/29/2024Yes-CERCLARemoval Assessment
Siouxland Subarea31 counties surrounding Sioux CityIABrianne Stubblefield02/29/2024No---
Stillwater Train DerailmentReed PointMTJoyel Dhieux02/28/2024YesEmergencyOPARemoval Action
Fairmont Brine SiteFairmontWVCole Devine02/28/2024YesEmergencyCERCLARemoval Action
Hemlock MI Oil SpillHemlockMIJon Gulch02/28/2024YesEmergencyOPARemoval Action
2024 FRP Compliance Assistance Workshops in NDFargoNDSteven Merritt02/28/2024No---
R7 Regional Response TeamLenexaKSEric Nold02/28/2024No---
ECC Corp. Site - Removal Action 2023HoldenMAAllyson Bowden02/28/2024YesTime-CriticalCERCLARemoval Action
Billings PCE Vapor Intrusion SystemsBillingsMTJoe Payne02/27/2024YesTime-CriticalCERCLARemoval Action
Penrose Funeral HomePenroseCOJoyce Ackerman02/27/2024Yes---
Aspen Park SolventsConiferCOTaylor Bowker02/27/2024YesTime-CriticalCERCLARemoval Action
Pierson's Creek (Globe Metals Property)NewarkNJDavid Rosoff02/27/2024YesTime-CriticalCERCLARemoval Action
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